Vented Casings Protect and Serve

Jtech Services have recently completed another installation of their LST (Low Surface Temperature) Radiator Guards and Vented Pipe Boxing at a Dining Hall project, in a local primary school.

Because of the detailed pre-manufacture measure, installation was straightforward and completed within just two days and allowed for the use of the Dining Hall to continue unhindered.

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The standard style of the guard supplied for this project incorporated a high level of design that gives easy access for cleaning and maintenance during their long years of service.  And, as always, each guard featured the standard SKS locking mechanism for straightforward, authorised access for maintenance and cleaning. 

Not only did the LST Guards and Pipe Boxing protect the children from the hot surface temperatures of the pipework and heat emitters, but the design still allowed the heat out of the system into the room, thus serving the purpose of the heating design, after all, there is little to be gained if the heat protection means that the room is always cold!

Available in both powder coated Steel and Aluminium, this system is suitable for either wet or normal conditions.