External Column Casings

The external casings from Jech Services are generally used to enclose structural steelwork and other services.

Column Casing Materials:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless
  • External Grade Pre-formed Plywood


External Column casings in metal or pre-formed plywood steel and aluminium metal external casings


The casings can be supplied in a variety of materials including steel, aluminium,stainless and external grade pre-formed plywood. At various points around a building there are rain water pipes that run down the side of the steelwork.

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Removable access points can be built into the casing structure to allow for rodding or other maintenance works.

high quality stainless casings externally usedoutdoor canopy entrance column casings


For finishes there are a number of options from powder coat for the steel or aluminium material or paint grade or stainable veneers for the plywood or even real sandstone. The sandstone can also be adhered directly onto formed concrete or CHS steelwork.

keyton external column casings keyon square hotel column casings fittedentrance grey circular metal casingsentranceAnd these can be incorporated within the casing if so desired.