Site SurveysSite Surveys

Site surveys are a practical way of making sure that what arrives on site actually works and fits well.

Benefits of Site Surveys

  • Peace of mind
  • No extra resource used
  • Avoid site delays
  • Design collaboration


Internal Column installation after site survey Site survey for External Column


Whoever does the installation, the last thing you want is for a lot of adjustments to be done on site. It is far better to engineer cut outs and shapes into the design before manufacture so that time spent installing is kept to a minimum. This is especially important if working in a live situation where noise and dust cause aggravation to members of the public such as patients, teachers or residents.

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Once the decision has been taken to use Jtech Services then a meeting is arranged with the designated manager of the site to undertake the measure of what is required and then to discuss site specifics such as methods and timings of installation etc.