Easy-Clean LST Radiator Guards

When we say easy clean we are in no way suggesting the cleaning is easy, far from it. The keeping clean of heat emitters whilst essential is not always straightforward, especially on some of the older style cast iron type of radiators that are found in some premises. So, here at Jtech Services we want to make this essential part of maintenance as stress free as possible.

How have we done this? By making the front access point of the guard easily removable. Utilizing our SKS locking system rather than needing to call a maintenance engineer to remove the guard, the cleaner has their own key and can simply unlock and lift and remove the door.

Easy-clean LST Radiator Guards easy guard reomval for simple cleaning


During design we can make sure that any access door will be within the easy lifting weight of those doing the work. Having designed this, the next design feature is to allow enough room inside the guard for the cleaning implement to be used effectively. Cleaning the outside of the guard is also quite straightforward as the powder coated surface just needs a wipe over.


LST radiator guardssimple unlock powder coated radiator guards

So whilst the cleaning operation is never easy, we do try and make it as easy as possible. If you have any specific requirements on the cleaning front that you feel can be addressed by a design tweek, just let us know.