Bespoke LST Radiator Guards

All the radiator guards from Jtech Services are by their very nature bespoke as we measure each guard to make sure that it will fit your application when it arrives on site. Although the heat emitter itself maybe from a standard range, it is always surprising how very few guards are the same in any project. This is because of a variety of reasons from, the height at which the emitter is fixed to the wall, the way the pipes feeding the emitter are installed, whether there are other items that need attention such as Dado Rails or similar.

Then there are the out and out applications that require, not just minor dimensional adjustments, but a wholescale re-think of what is required. Here at Jtech Services we have dealt with quite a number of these situations over the years, so we can offer free standing square, rectangular or circular units or curved guards for bay window applications.

custom designed radiator guards made to measure radiator guards
In some cases the guard is raised off the floor to allow ease of cleaning and so lean bars are included in the supply scheme to protect the guard from being leant on.

bespoke design and build guards for radiators bespoke lst radiator guards with lean bars


In fact, if you have an application that you wonder about why not just give us a call, or email a photo and we can work out how to approach the situation with you.


tell or show us what you're looking for and we can manufacture itbespoke ground to ceiling radiator guards