Pipe Boxing

The Pipe Boxing systems supplied and installed by Jtech Services fall into two general catagories, Pre-Formed Plywood and metal based profiles, either Steel or Alumnium.

The purpose is to provide a decorative and more aesetic presentation to an otherwise unsightly item. This maybe a structural element such as steelwork or various service running through a building, either way the designer wants hide them away.

Plywood pipe boxing design form:

Metal pipe boxing design form:

Generally installed in a vertical orientation the casings are generally referred to as Column Casings, but these casings can run horizontally as the need arises.

The enclosure of services is done for a number of reasons in differing environments, from aesthetics in some, to protection of either individuals or the pipework in others. In all cases however, when it comes to maintenance, access is also very important especially if there is an emergency.

So the straightforward answer is to have a pipework enclosure that looks good but is also easy to demount.

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The Pipe Boxing from Jtech Services are all straightforward to install and demount and so are the preference of many maintenance engineers as well as interior design specialists.

This sections pages give a closer look at the options available.

If your preferred design is not mentioned just send us an email with your idea and we will be pleased to work along with you.